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Título del Libro: The Number [pi]   -   Buscar en Buscar libro en PDF
Descripción: '[In the book] we are dealing with a theme which cuts across the mathematics courses classically taught in the first four years of college. Thus it offers the reader the opportunity to learn, review and give long-term thought to the concepts covered in these programmes by following the guiding thread of this favoured number' - from the Preface. This is a clever, beautiful book. The authors trace the thread of pi through the long history of mathematics. In so doing, they touch upon many major subjects in mathematics: geometry (of course), number theory, Galois theory, probability, transcendental numbers, analysis, and, as their crown jewel, the theory of elliptic functions, which connects many of the other subjects.By this device, the authors provide a tour through mathematics, one that mat...
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Editorial(es): American Mathematical Soc.
Fecha de Publicación: 2004
Páginas del Libro: 322
Identificador: ISBN_10: 0821832468 • ISBN_13: 9780821832462
Categorías: Science / Physics / Mathematical & Computational
Dimensiones Libro:   Alto: 26.00 cm / Ancho: 17.00 cm / Grueso: 2.50 cm
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