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Descripción: As President Barack Obama outlined his promise for change during the presidential campaign, he made effective use of proverbs and proverbial phrases, and invented many quotable epithets that have all the makings of future proverbs. This book examines how Obama's natural and authentic reliance on traditional metaphors enhances his impressive rhetoric, rather than reducing it to mere sound bites. Proverbs, with their often colorful metaphors, add expressiveness and emotion to his communications, giving people the opportunity to follow his pragmatic or philosophical arguments through common language. No matter the subject, Obama's prose contains metaphorical language that makes his rhetoric and oratory universally accessible.
This book contains detailed analyses of the proverbial rhetoric...
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Autor(es): Wolfgang Mieder
Editorial(es): Peter Lang
Fecha de Publicación: 2009
Páginas del Libro: 352
Identificador: ISBN_10: 1433106671 • ISBN_13: 9781433106675
Categorías: Political Science / General • Social Science / Folklore & Mythology
Dimensiones Libro:   Alto: 23.00 cm / Ancho: 16.00 cm / Grueso: 1.90 cm
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