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"Like Bond, the memoir is droll, pensive and filled with zingers teetering between funny and ferocious."?The New York Times

"Bond's fabulosity is matched by a trenchant wit, and [V's] over-the-top stories are smartly edged with politics, sexual or otherwise."?The New York Times

Recently hailed as "the greatest cabaret artist of [V's] generation" in The New Yorker, Mx. Justin Vivian Bond makes a brilliant literary debut with this staggeringly candid and hilarious novella-length memoir.

With a recent diagnosis of attention deficit disorder, and news that V's first lover from childhood has been imprisoned for impersonating an undercover police officer, Bond recalls in vivid detail c...

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Autor(es): Justin Bond
Editorial(es): Feminist Press at CUNY
Fecha de Publicación: 2011
Páginas del Libro: 136
Identificador: ISBN_10: 1558617477 • ISBN_13: 9781558617476
Categorías: Biography & Autobiography / LGBT • Social Science / LGBT Studies / Gay Studies
Dimensiones Libro:   Alto: 20.00 cm / Ancho: 13.30 cm / Grueso: 1.30 cm
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